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Malacca, also spelled Melaka, is the name of a small city as well as an equally small state at the middle part of Peninsular Malaysia. As for the city, Malacca is the oldest and most historian, having been founded in the 15th century, before other bigger cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Malacca is a wonderful city for nice daytime activities or for a stay of more than one day. There are quite a few hotels and hostels available, but there are also many homeowners who are willing to put their house in Malacca up for rent. The city has many beautiful attractions, all clearlyrepresenting the great history of the city. From Kuala Lumpur you can easily access Malacca by bus, taxi or rental car. Residents of the capital often travel to Malacca during weekends to have a good rest and to enjoy the delicious food which the city is famous for.