Welcome Prof. Mamoun M. Bader from Alfaisal University,  Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to be Committee Member!

Prof. Mamoun M. Bader, Alfaisal University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Research Area:

1. Crystal growth of organic functional materials for electronics and photonics applications

2. Synthetic chemistry for molecular nano wires and organic semiconductors

3. Design of new Electron Acceptors for Solar Cells Applications

Research Experience:

Executive and Administrative Experience:  
- Served as Science Discipline Coordinator for the University College (equivalent to dean of science for all branch campuses composing the university college) at Penn State University, involved in recruiting, retaining, promotion, evaluation and professional development of more than 136 faculty members at 12 campuses of the Penn State system
- Served as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and then faculty member at Alfaisal University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, between 2014—Present.
- Strategic Planning: experience as chair of the strategic planning committee at Penn State University; at Alfaisal University and the College of Science at Alfaisal at all stages including team building, and management of the plan afterwards

Teaching Experience 
• Taught several undergraduate and graduate level chemistry courses (both lab and lecture) at several institutions over the past 25 years
• Supervised and trained lab technicians, lab assistants, teaching assistants, graduate and undergraduate students, part time and adjunct instructors.
• Initiated, supervised, and implemented the renovation of teaching laboratories, upgrading instrumentation rooms, and the design of new experiments for 1st and 2nd year chemistry laboratory courses with emphasis on enhancing safety and environmental issues.