Welcome Prof. Uda Bin Hashim from University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia to be Committee Member!

Prof. Uda Bin Hashim from University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

Research Area:

Nanotechnology  which  includes Nanobiosensor, DNA Chips, Microfluidic and Nano Lab-On-Chip devices

Research Experience:

Prof. Dr. Uda Bin Hashim received BSc Hons. degree in Physical and Applied Physics from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), in 1987. Upon graduation, he joined Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) for two years until 1988 and then joined MIMOS Bhd until 2002. He served MIMOS Berhad for 14 years and gained
vast experience in the CMOS wafer fabrication foundry. His last position in MIMOS was as Research and Technology Development Manager. While working with MIMOS Bhd, in 1998 he continued his PhD degree at UKM in Microelectronic Engineering and graduated in 2001. He was then, in 2002, joined Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), as a lecturer in the School of Microelectronics Engineering. In 2004, he has been appointed and entrusted to be the first Dean of UniMAP Research and Management Unit. During this period, he manages to cultivate research culture among the university academicians and has successfully developed a conducive research environment for the university. 

His  current  research  interest  is  on  Nanotechnology  which  includes Nanobiosensor, DNA Chips, Microfluidic and Nano Lab-On-Chip devices for medical, food and agriculture applications. He actively published his research finding in both proceeding and journals. Based on his outstanding achievement in research, he has been invited to many conferences, nationally and internationally, as an invited and keynote speakers. He is well known in Nanotechnology research and still active as a motivator in activities related to research. Under Scopus database, his current H-Index is 29 with 3800 citations from the total number of 654 papers while 100 of the papers are in Q1 Journal. One of his top quality paper is recently published in NATURE Scientific Report. He also has successfully supervised 2 sabbatical lecturers, 4 Post-Doctoral students, 35 PhD students and 35 MSc students, while 4 PhD and 2 MSc are still working towards completion.