ECMS Conference Held Successfully in Malacca, Malaysia on December 7, 2019

2019 International Conference on Energy, Chemical and Materials Science(ECMS 2019) was held on Dec 6-8, 2019 in Malacca, Malaysia. The conference focused on research areas such as energy, chemical and material. ECMS is aimed to encourage an active participant for graduate students, experts and scientists to deliver their research findings and creating opportunity for active researchers to initiate research networks.

Prof. Jose have talked about renewable materials & smart discovery platforms, he introduced Carbons and cellulose were produced from one of Malaysia’s largest agriculture sector – the oil palm industry. Nearly a ton of waste biomass, including palm kernel shell and empty fruit bunches, is produced for every 25 kg of crude palm oil – their efficient utilization would promote small and medium scale industries. High quality activated carbons were produced from palm kernel shells and evaluated their usefulness in energy storage applications; the palm kernel shell activated carbons gave one of the best supercapacitive charge storage performances. Besides, the performance of the materials are increased to many folds when hierarchical ceramic nanostructures were filled in their passive pores.

Prof. Sebastian have discussed materials for 5 th generation (5G) wireless communication and internet of things (IOT), the development of a composite (polypropylene-high energy proton irradiated silicon) which shows a decrease in loss tangent with increasing frequency indicating the possibility of their use in 5G and IOT as well as other high frequency or mm wave applications. The results will be of great advantage in the future high frequency wireless communication applications.

This conference presented new research results in the field of material engineering of experts and scholars. This not only broadens the academic horizons of young talents in this field, but also provides a professional academic exchange platform for researchers engaged. It has a certain impetus to the development of scientific research in this field.